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Find your gang:


This Gang has the most members. They value staying true to their doggish nature and oppose using Energy Crystals and Cybernetic Expansions.

New Dogg

The higher class of the Sol Doggo society. They expanded their lifespans and enhanced their dog-senses with mutations that cause Energy Crystals to grow out of their bodies.


This elite Gang only recruits members among Doggos who underwent Cybernetic Expansions. They believe that the bright future of the Doggo race can only be achieved through Technological Singularity.

Sol Doggo Roadmap

New Gang Airdrop

500 new characters enter the metaverse! Never-before-seen Sol Doggo Gang with unique new traits will make its way to wallets of lucky holders who decide to keep their Sol Doggos after the launch.

Sol Doggo Holders Mystery

10 Mysterious Sol Doggos known as the Holders will be airdropped to lucky owners who keep their original Sol Doggos. These 10 characters will hold scrolls with hidden clues to a great Mystery - the first person to solve it will claim the Ultimate Prize.

Sol Doggos: Origins

A comic book will be published, shedding more light on the dystopian society of Sol Doggos and the underlying conflict of Gangs. Sol Doggos: Origins will unfold the backstory of Londogg, New Dogg, and Doggyo Gangs and how a mysterious fourth Gang plays into the story.

Sol Doggos Party!

We will hold 3 exclusive events for Sol Doggos holders only! You are invited to London, New York, and Tokyo. Drinks are on us!

Sol Doggos in Times Square!

The world will see the greatness of Sol Doggos! Sol Doggos will be displayed in Times Square (New York City), Piccadilly Circus (London), and Shibuya (Tokyo) - this will drive attention from legacy media and the word will spread about Sol Doggos in the entire world. Get ready for a ride to the Moon!


Once we hit 50% milestone we will start working on publishing the official Sol Doggos comic book!

Our Team

The Big Doggo
Project Manager
Kitka /kitucha66/
The Artist
Mia Paw
Web designer, Marketing